14 May 2020

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The most beautiful Café in Porto is called Majestic?

Majestic was not his fists name! When this beautiful café opened its doors in 1921 it was called Elite!

It was a luxurious Art Noveau arquitecture Café . Immediately, famous writers, artist and politicians made of this Café their second home.

Inside, people would discover a world of marbles, stucco, mirrors, crystals, velvet and varnish woods….On the back, existed a romantic winter garden that connected Saint Catherine Street to Passos Manuel Street.

Latter the Café changed its name for Majestic Café and the name stayed till now!

It was restored and opened the doors again in 1994!

One of the delicacies that they serve and that I love, is a desert that called “Rabanadas”. It´s a very typical desert that we eat during Christmas time, but it tastes very good all year around. If you drink a Tawny Port with that desert you´ll be in heaven!!

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