Did you know?

Susana Reis

03 February 2020

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Did you know??

That the people from Porto are called the “Tripeiros”(tripe eaters)! Why? Because we eat tripe!

Hummm…Even if it doesn´t seem, it´s delicious!!!

How it´s cooked? Comes in the form of a delicious stew!

According to the legend, when Henry the Navigator in 1415 was preparing his ships to conquer Ceuta, he asked the population of Porto to donate supplies to stock the Portuguese navy and they did, in a way, that all that was left to eat was tripe.

Later, people create this amazing recipe. Is this true?…Well it´s only a legend, because beans were not introduced yet, on our recipes in the 15 century…So we know that this recipe had a big evolution along all this centuries!

Try it and you will not be disappointed!!!

Here are some restaurants were you can taste this traditional dish: “ Líder”, “ Cozinha do Manel” or “Solar Moinho de Vento” are only a few!

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